Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Zoo Fun

When we headed down early for zoo lights, we got to see some elk horns along the trail, see the bald eagles up super close ( I didn't use the zoom!) and play with the penguins!  (Apparently if you dangle your scarf in front of the glass, the swimming penguins will spend an eternity trying to get it!)  The lights started to come on before dusk settled in, so the girls tried out their favorite glasses. (When you look through the heart glasses at the lights you see a million light up hearts, or smiley faces, snowflakes, santas, snowmen, aliens....depending on which pair you wear.  We get a new pair every year so we've got 'em all.)  We got to stand 10 feet from the steam engine while they got it rarin' to go!  The were channeling their inner fancy nancys, so they got oohs and aahs aplenty (I'm not sure how, but tutus became a part of the  zoo lights tradition!).  Good times had by all!!!!!!!!

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J+M+S said...

Sooo I will be expecting a pair of glasses for Christmas!