Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grist Mill Revisited

After our butter-churning excursion to the Cedar Creek Grist Mill, we told the girls that we would absolutely, most definitely come back October 31st for Apple Cider Pressing Day.  We promised.  The calendar was marked.  The girls with some regularity would point to the last day of October (we are studying and learning about the calendar as of late) and announce with authority, "THAT'S Grist Mill Day." [Those of you who know me best are aware that there are VERY few events that I tell my children about in advance.  BIG events. Birthdays, Christmas, Zoo Lights (November 27th!) and the Polar Express Train (December 10th!).  Life is messy.  Things Happen.  Plans change.  Remember rescheduling Amarra's party 3 times last year because the freeways were closed?  Enough said.]  So let me just say that the countdown was a big deal.  Then.....we found out we were moving......October 31st.  The solution?  PACK FASTER!  We got up bright and early and went to the Grist Mill just after 9:00 (opening time).  There was already a line.... we waited 40 minutes or so...but it was nothing compared to the length of the line when we left!!  (We were blessed that the girls made friends in line with fellow home schoolers, and we therefore had good conversation with their parents while waiting.)  The scenery was AMAZING and the weather was PERFECT.  I was by no means the only one snapping pictures throughout the wait!  Once inside, the girls got to help slice up the apples (in a tube full of razor blades!) and press the juice themselves.  We got to bring home 2 delicious half gallon containers full of unpasteurized goodness.  Then we moseyed out to the back porch for cake and live bluegrass. (You would have had a blast, Dad!)  After taking what was most likely the most breathtakingly beautiful drive I have ever been on back to the old house, we cleaned up our sleeping bags, etc., and mopped our way out of the house.  We headed to the new house to sign papers at 1:00, unloaded, and headed back to the old house for a walk through at 3:00.  We took our last load....things from the yard... and the boat and headed to the new house to unload.  We then took the boat to Joel's parents' (Bert is the proud new owner) and hit the grocery store (we had no milk!) before finally coming home for good around  eight in the evening.  Quite a day!


J+M+S said...

Ohhhhso fun, so wish we could have been there too (not the packing though:)I would like a Thomas hammer fireball shirt!!!

Saerwen said...

It is so beautiful there!! =D

God Bless You Guys,