Thursday, December 31, 2009

Amarra's Actual BirthDAY

Amarra's actual, after all of the Snow White excitement, still held a few big surprises! A birthday is one of those very rare occasions upon which my children can talk me into a Happy Meal.  It was actually perfect...she ate her Strawberry Shortcake Happy Meal and then got to open her new...Strawberry Shortcake bike!  (With a basket and everything!) Her 12 inch frame bike was FAR outgrown by the end of summer, so we moved up a size, hand brakes and all.  (Joel is thrilled that the back of the seat has a handle, to make teaching to ride without training wheels all that much easier.)  Then, from Mimi and Poppop, the much desired Melissa and Doug Deluxe Ice Cream Set!  She looked at it for a moment, realized what it was, then set it down and yelled, "YES!" with both fists in the air.  We've been up to our eyeballs in magnetic ice cream ever since!  Then Elizabeth and Olivia joined us (along with their parents, Sarah and Nathan and baby Remy!) with Ninny and Arnaud for yet another round of Happy Birthday and some specially requested "Pear Cake".  She wore her "I'm 4" shirt again, and this time I told her it was true!  Our little girl is growing up!

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMMARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

God Bless You All,