Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Krispy Kreme!

Today was a home school field trip day!  We went to Krispy Kreme, got milk and donuts, and learned all about their history (founded in 1937 in Winston Salem, North Carolina by Vernon Rudolph, who invented the very same technology that is still being used today!) and were led in a cheer by 4 students (one of them being Miss Seleia!).  "Krispy Kreme!  Hot Donuts!  Krispy Kreme!  Hot Donuts!" (Amarra has been chanting it off and on all day!)  Harold, who led our tour, introduced the cook and then the kids all got to watch a few batches go through the process, start to finish.  One little boy said it best, "Look!  It's a whole doughnut army!!"  The tidbit I found most interesting: there used to be about 300 Krispy Kreme restaurants, but they are losing business on the East Coast....the mafia is opening their own unlicensed restaurants, and the public doesn't know!!  Fugghedaboudit!


J+M+S said...

Harold..as in "HARK THE HAROLD"???

Saerwen said...

I love that place!! That is cool history. I LOVE YOUR HAIR MELANIE!! =D

God Bless You Guys,