Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chrismas Fun!!

Friday night was the Christmas lighting at the Holland America Bulb Farm (where we go to the Tulip Festival).  It is always a small event, 10 or so families, but it is one of our favorites!  The bulb farm and the gift shop are always exquisitely beautiful, and the family that owns it could not be nicer.  They have a little open house with delicious Dutch cocoas, cookies, cider and christmas music! Once its dark, everyone heads outside and they light up what during the spring is a little show garden, but this time of year is lit up with all sorts of Christmas scenes.  They turn it all on and after we all applaud enthusiastically we take a stroll through the lights. Amarra loved the little snowmen best, but Joel liked the full sized nutcracker.  He named him Frank.  (Seleia and Elora played a game with some of the other little girls where a blowup snow globe with a snowman in it was the winter warlock, and they spent about a half hour devising plans to defeat him, finally taking over the garden with Santa's help and the power of good.)  We can't wait until next year!

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