Friday, December 11, 2009

Multnomah Falls

Yesterday we, along with many other brave, brave people (okay,mostly photographers) braved sub-freezing temperatures (I don't even want to guess what the wind chill was in the Columbia Gorge!) to view a truly spectacular sight!!  Multnomah falls....frozen over! It was only supposed to stay this way for one day, as rainfall was expected today that would thaw a good portion of the fall and get it running again. A small trickle was still flowing, bravely diving through the ice and snow that blanketed the water below.  Everything else, however, had been transformed into a winter wonderland!  Thousands of gallons of water in the form of icicles...some easily 30 feet in length! Even in mid-afternoon it was dark enough outside that the "Juhala lights" on the lodge and gift shop shone brightly, making the whole trek seem festive, like a journey to North Pole South, and added to our holiday cheer!  Standing at the bottom of the falls looking up was a bold reminder of the power of God in creation around us. "Whoa", said Seleia, "I can't believe how dizzy that makes me looking straight up at the top!"


J+M+S said...

GORGEOUS!!!! I love the falls!!!! Great pictures.

Anonymous said...


God Bless You Guys,