Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Zoolights Revisited!

I truly wish that pictures could do justice to the beauty of zoolights!  Last night we went to the zoo with the Roberts family (Heather, Russ, Gryffin, and Cordie) and celebrated Christmas together.  We rode the Christmas train around the zoo (always big excitement!) and explored all of the different areas of the zoo that were "aglow with the lights of a million fairies"!  Amarra decided at one point (after looking at a lit up lion that roared) that she, too, was a lion and wanted to scare everyone.  She came uncharacteristically out of her shell as she ran around the zoo chasing us all (mostly Joel) and roaring while threatening to have us as a snack. (Or, in Amarraspeak, a "knack".)  We are so blessed by good friends and good fun!

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J+M+S said...

love the picture of the birds coming out of Joels head!!:) Did amarra ever get her knack?? Beautiful pictures!